Note about road damage claims:

For vehicle damage claims, damage occurring on Town maintained roads should be sent to the Town for processing.

The following roads are maintained by the State of Rhode Island DOT, therefore any damage claims for the roads listed below should be sent to the RI Department of Transportation:

(Please visit their website for their forms, instructions, and requirements for submitting a claim within the proper time frame -

  • Plainfield Street from Providence City Line to the Town of Scituate
  • Killingly Street from Providence City Line to Greenville Avenue
  • Greenville Avenue from Providence City Line to Greenville (Smithfield)
  • Atwood Avenue from Plainfield Street to Greenville Avenue
  • Rte. 44 from Centerdale (North Providence) to Greenville (Smithfield)
  • Hopkins Avenue from Hartford Avenue to Winsor Avenue
  • Winsor Avenue to Greenville Avenue
  • Old Greenville Road from Greenville Avenue to Greenville (Smithfield)
  • Hartford Avenue from Providence City Line to Scituate Line
  • Rte. 295 and Rte 6 (old 195)
  • Central Avenue from Providence Line to Atwood Avenue
  • Cherry Hill Road from Greenville Avenue to Atwood Avenue
  • Simmonsville from Plainfield Street to Atwood Avenue
  • Borden Avenue from Killingly Street to Hartford, Avenue
  • Dean Avenue from lite 44 (Putnam Ave,) to Smithfield Line
  • George Waterman Road

Any claims for damage submitted on the roads in the list above will be returned to the applicant       

Town of Johnston Claims Procedure

Please print the claims form (download available at the bottom of this page) complete it, and submit it to the Johnston Town Hall 
Please also attach any supporting documentation such as an estimate for repair with your claim and a police report if your claim involves a motor vehicle

Please submit this form and documents to the

Johnston Town Hall
Town Clerk’s Office
1385 Hartford Avenue
Johnston, RI 02919 

Once your claim is received, it will be added to the next Town Council Agenda and
It then will be referred to the Solicitor’s Office for review. You will then receive a letter notifying you of the result of your claim